Why you need an alignment.

I think this is a great explanation on how cars get out of alignment.

Let’s face it, tires are expensive.  It is worth the investment of an alignment to get another 10-20,000 miles out of your tires.

As this video explains, a lot can go wrong with wheel alignment, even if you haven’t had a bad experience with a pot hole or bumped a curb too hard. 

Keeping your wheels aligned, not only will extend how many miles you get out of your tires, but it also makes your car a safer vehicle to drive.

Another benefit to a properly aligned vehicle is you will get longer life out of your steering and suspension parts.  When the wheels are not aligned, there is a constant pressure being applied to parts like tie rod ends and ball joints. These can be very expensive to replace, and if they are worn, or loose, there really is no way to align the vehicle until they have been replaced.

My point is, a little money spent on a Front End Alignment can save you hundreds of dollars by not having to replace your tires too soon, or having to spend money on worn out steering and suspension parts.

Safe Travels  – Skip Deedon