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NorthWest Auto & Tire is one of the few auto repair shops that still offers "Full Service". Services range from lube, oil and filter work, to diagnosing today's complex computer-controlled fuel injection systems. We also specialize in emission control systems.

Located in Zion, IL, we provide auto repair service for vehicles from the surrounding areas including the following Illinois cities: Zion, Beach Park, Winthrop Harbor, Wadsworth, Waukegan & in Wisconsin, Kenosha, and Pleasant Prairie.

Video Blog - Easy Miles

Have you ever noticed that your car maker has a schedule in your owner’s manual for what is called “severe service” maintenance? Let’s define what severe driving conditions aren’t: The easiest driving a vehicle experiences is traveling on the interstate for twenty miles or more at a constant rate of 65 miles per hour in 75°F weather with only passengers on board. Change any one of those parameters and you are adding stress to your engine. Change them significantly, and you are driving under severe conditions.

Let’s look at the critical parameters one a time. First, the length of the trip. Short trips around Zion are harder on an engine than longer ones. As your engine cools down, water in the air condenses onto the engine. When you heat the engine again, the water evaporates off. This is healthy. But on short trips, the engine doesn’t stay hot enough long enough for all of the water to evaporate so it starts to build up in the engine oil leading to sludge, which can clog up your engine and lead to serious engine damage.
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We know that you can take your car just about anywhere for repair, but we believe that Northwest Auto & Tire is better equipped to service your car than anywhere else. Our staff participates in the most current training, and we have the latest equipment available. But more than anything e lse, what has made Northwest Auto & Tire so successful and kept our customers coming back year after year is the level of service that we offer. I invite you to try it for yourself. I think you will find that when we say "Our Service Will Amaze You", we really mean it!