Oil Change Service

Oil Change ServiceOil Change Service

Our Oil Change Service is still done the old fashioned way!  By old fashioned I mean we don’t just dump the oil and screw on a new filter.  We start by installing a top quality oil filter.  We then add the proper type, and amount of oil.  Years ago we only needed to stock a couple kinds of oil.  But all that has changed.  New cars demand a variety of different types, and weights of oil.  It is very important that the proper oil is put back in your engine.  It needs to meet or exceed what the factory originally specified.  A lot of quick change oil places install a blend, that may be good for some cars, but not good for others.  Damage can be done, that won’t show up until it is too late.

What We Do That’s Different

But there are many other things that should be done when you bring your car in for an Oil Change Service.   All the fittings in the suspension should be greased.   All the fluids should be checked and topped off.   And things like hood and door hinges should be lubricated.  The air pressure in all the tires should be checked and adjusted. A safety check should be performed making sure that all lights are working.  Windshield wipers and the washer system should be checked.  And while their under the hood, things like belts and hoses should be looked at for signs of damage or wear.

Yes, it is important to have your oil changed at the proper interval, but it should involve a lot more than just dumping the old oil out and refilling with new oil.

So give us a call when you need your next oil change.  We will do it correctly, and we will do it while you wait!

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