Meet Gilberto Colin

Gilberto Colin

 It has always been a pleasure to work with Gilberto Colin. Gilberto got his start as a mechanic working for Mariska in Highland Park. Mariska was managing her fathers repair shop at that time.  When her father retired and closed his shop, we were most fortunate to convince her to come work with us here at Northwest Auto.  Mariska had told me what a great employee Gilberto was, so we offered him a job as well.
Gilberto is a great employee that gets along with everyone. Over the last 20 years, he has become one of our greatest assets. Gilberto has developed many skills, and is comfortable with doing routine service work as well as working with our computerized alignment equipment.  He is a hard worker and he is never satisfied until he knows the job has been done right.
To say that Gil is a hard worker would be an under statement.  After I interviewed Gil he stated he would like to come work with us.  But he had one request, he stated he would need to be off at 5:00 pm, instead of our closing time of 5:30.  I asked why he needed to take off early.  He said he also had a part time job, working at Lake Forest Hospital.  I said wow!  You are going to work two jobs?  He said it wouldn’t be a problem, Mariska confirmed that it had not been a problem at her father’s shop.  So for over 20 years, Gil has worked full time for us, and part time for Lake Forest Hospital.
Gil and his wife live in Waukegan.  They are both very proud of their three children.  Their oldest daughter is just finishing law school.  Their son is currently in college working on his degree in business. The youngest daughter is still in high school, and will attend college as soon as she graduates. Now we know why Gilberto has worked two jobs all these years!